Musician Sigauke addresses challenges of being in a foreign land

SOUTH Africa-based Mbira Dze Hip Hop muso, Neville Sigauke is working on a single titled Simudza Gumbo: Aluta Continua (The struggle continues) which is set to portray the struggles of artistes in foreign countries.

As the brainchild of the genre which he enacted in 2014 when he released his first single titled My African Swag, Sigauke is fusing traditional instruments to come up with a mbira hip hop sound.

He said the upcoming single will feature mbira player, Pfumela Music, a Zimbabwean artiste.

“The single talks about struggles that we, (artistes who are based outside Zimbabwe) come across as we try to make our work known. The track calls on people to continue pushing their works and not tire.

“Simudza Gumbo is a chant that people used to use during the liberation struggle so I’m using it as a metaphor. In this case, I’m saying ‘Simudza Gumbo’ (raise your feet) so that you can go and achieve your dreams.”

Sigauke said the track will be released sometime this month.

The artiste who grew up in Bulawayo and Chipinge said the support he has received for advocating for the genre is overwhelming.

“My music has received positive feedback and it’s landed me interviews from countries like Germany, Zambia, Jamaica, South Africa and national television broadcaster ZBC.

“The views, likes and comments on YouTube and Instagram have been overwhelming so people should expect a big collaboration which is on the cards,” said Sigauke.



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