ZRP Warns Businesses Against Rejecting Bond Notes & Coins

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned businesses against rejecting $2 and $5 bond notes and coins, saying the notes and coins are still legal tender and those found disregarding the country’s laws will be dealt with.

This was said by national police spokesperson Paul Nyathi following reports that retailers and suppliers have started rejecting the coins and notes, demanding, instead, to be paid in the United States (US) dollar. Said Nyathi:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has noted with concern that some business people, especially informal traders, are refusing to accept local currency coins, $2 and $5 notes, which is legal tender.

The police will not hesitate to enforce the law on anyone found to be disregarding the country’s laws, especially during this lockdown period.

The public is again urged to report such errant people for swift action to be taken.


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