Zimbabwean journalist’s home raided in crackdown ahead of protests

Armed police and state security agents raided the home of investigative journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu in Bulawayo on Thursday, on the eve of planned demonstrations against government corruption.

The demonstrations are being organised by civic society and the opposition, but journalists have been caught in crossfire. The Zimbabwean government says the demonstrations are an attempt to overthrow a democratically elected regime.

According to Mathuthu, he was not at home when the house was raided. Instead, his sister was taken into custody.

“They raided my house, found me absent and they gave my sister an ultimatum: get Mduduzi here, or we will take you. They took her. She has no journalistic or political bone in her,” he said.

A TimesLIVE journalist was outside the house and witnessed the police raid.


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