ZCTU Declaring A General Strike Beginning Next Week- Report

ZCTU is reportedly going to declare a general strike beginning next week as the socio-economic situation in the country continue to deteriorate. This was revealed by journalist Brezh Malaba who tweeted that:

ZCTU president Peter Mutasa says the largest labour movement is declaring a general strike beginning next week and solidarity is key. “Let us start protesting at our workplaces. Let us start protesting in our communities. We’re all enslaved by this big prison called poverty.”

Mutasa reportedly said he will give the dates for the general strike very soon. The last time ZCTU called for a general strike was in January last year which led to the protests that led to the death of 12 people at the hands of security forces. ZCTU leaders also received bullets parcels the next time tried to call for a general strike again.


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