ZANU PF Youth League Statement On The Shooting Of Zim Workers By Chinese National

The revolutionary and pan African ZANU PF Youth League strongly condemns the callous shooting of Comrades Wendy Chikwaira (31) and Kennedy Tachiona (39) by a Chinese national, one Zhang Xuen (a general manager) following a wage dispute at Reeden Mine located some 25 kilometres out of Gweru.

The Youth League is deeply concerned and perplexed with this flagrant disregard of existing dispute resolution mechanisms encapsulated in Zimbabwe’s labour laws in preference of barbaric law of the jungle tactics.

The ZANU PF Youth League continues to stand with the toiling indigenes of Zimbabwe and we express our utter shock, dismay and grief at Zhang Xuen’s murderous actions which not only threaten the peace, progress and stability that characterises the Second Republic but actions which also risk being misinterpreted in the context of the bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and its all-weather friend China.

We welcome in this regard the statement issued by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe wherein the Embassy said it would firmly “…support Zimbabwe’s law enforcement authority agencies to transparently and openly investigate and handle the case in accordance with the law of Zimbabwe.”

We vehemently condemn such callous acts that seek to destabilise the harmonious working relationships of people of all races.


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