Winky D Bemoans The Impact Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Musicians

Popular Zimdancehall musician Winky D has said the music industry has been hit the hardest by the pandemic and he reiterated that the current lockdown has affected many musicians as the Zimbabwean musicians’ model was sorely dependent on live shows which have been made impossible by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Newsday Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda said:

The development model we all try to follow is what they call modernisation. If you are looking at Zimbabwe, we are trying to catch up, we are trying to replace whatever it is which is in place, the infrastructure technology, and we are still growing in terms of such things that’s the honest truth

This situation has shown us that anything can happen life and there is need to balance a whole lot of things and it has shown us that artistes have no safety as it where be it institutionally or organisationally.

Besides the fact that there are a lot of initiatives, let’s face it, yes, it’s not normal for everyone and as artistes it has shown that we are vulnerable, it’s like we are saying right now I have strategy because now I am eating bread yet it’s the only thing I can afford.

Banda also spoke about online performances and their impact which he said is minimal and said:

We have this misconception that we should be growing better even when things are wrong. Personally, I want to dismiss the issue of using online platform as a strategy, but as the only available option that’s there for us right now, we never anticipated this, things are really not well for us, but we continue working


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