Vic Falls Virtual Race – how it works

ORGANISERS of the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon have revealed details on how this year’s inaugural virtual event will work.

“This year, instead of travelling to Victoria Falls, you will run the race in your home country. All you need is your email address and a smart phone to be able to download the app. It’s super easy. Enter online, selecting the distance you wish to run, and a link will be sent to your email address provided.

“Click to access the link, fill in your details (name / nationality /age) and claim your personalised race number. Lastly, claim your profile ‘avatar’. (A graphic that will show your progress along the route on an interactive map.),” the organisers said in a statement.

Unlike some of the virtual marathons that have been held so far, this one will have real time tracking.

“We have planned our ‘virtual’ route along the ‘real route’. So, at the same time as you are on your home course, the app will be running on the actual Vic Falls Marathon course, in real time, passing all the actual points you would pass if you were on the actual race, crossing the famous bridge in the spray of the falls, along the Zambezi River, past the Big Tree and into the National park.

“You can switch between your ‘home’ map/route and see where you are on the Vic Falls route. Its real-time live-tracking, and properly timed results will be published once you have completed your chosen distance.”

To further add to the excitement, a number of mechanisms have been put in place to give athletes a feel of the normal race.

“At certain points along the virtual route, your phone will alert you to places of interest, sights and sounds normally enjoyed along the actual route, including messages from our sponsors and some virtual surprises (perhaps a wild animal or two).

“You can run with your friends, or get your family to follow you real-time (for free) as you are out on the course. If you belong to a running club, get everyone to take part, compete against each other, it will be a fun day. You can even compete against people overseas, as there is a 24-hour window in which to complete your race.



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