“The Difference Between The ‘ORIGINAL MDC’ And Chamisa-Led MDC”

The huge difference between the opposition MDC led by advocate Nelson Chamisa and the original MDC that came out of ZCTU, led by the late Morgan Tsvangirai is that the Morgan Tsvangirai-led one was aware of the plight of workers whilst Chamisa’s MDC does not, social media users have claimed.

@AmChambi posted on Twitter on the 30th of October last year saying:

Yes the enemy has guns, Police, Courts, war vets and a big war chest but all this did not stop Morgan from fighting. When him and Gibson Sibanda formed @mdczimbabwe they were well aware of this. Our leaders are now fighting for inclusion via ‘Talks/NTG/NGU’.
The post sparked discussion on the modus operandi of Chamisa’s MDC and the discussion seems to be ongoing. Another Twitter handle named @sekuru_gudo responded and said:
When MDC was formed, the Prez Morgan, VP Gibson, Chair Isaac (top 3) were from ZCTU and knew the plight of the workers then & were in touch with what is on the ground! Now all the top 4 are lawyers very educated but out of touch with the reality! Lawyers Party vs Workers Party.


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