SA President Ramaphosa Recognises Zimbabwean Student Innovation On Youth Day

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, recognised a Zimbabwean student for his innovation on a project involving the recycling of urine into fertiliser. The president was speaking during the commemoration of Youth Day in South Africa on Sunday 16 June.

Said the president during his speech in Polokwane:

President #Ramaphosa: There is Tinashe Chipako, a young engineering student who pioneered a water-saving fertiliser project on the campus of the University of Cape Town.

— PresidencyZA (@PresidencyZA) June 16, 2019

Chipako, a civil engineering graduate at the University of Cape Town, is most known for his project which investigated the feasibility of implementing waterless urinals on a UCT campus to produce fertiliser. The project revealed that tons of fertiliser could be made from urine collected on campus. For the project Chipako won the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) National Investigative Project (IP) Showdown for South African Universities.

Tinashe Chipako
South Africa commemorates Youth Day on 16 June, a day most associated with the Sharpeville Massacre, when 10,000 South African students demonstrated for the right to learn in their own language.


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