Peace We Enjoy Didn’t Come By Accident – Kazembe

Zimbabwe’s Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe has warned “warmongers” in the country that security forces are on high alert to thwart them.

Speaking during a media briefing in Harare Friday, Kazembe urged “all peace-loving citizens to play their part” in fighting violent crime, corruption and subversion “spearheaded by malcontents” who intend to overthrow the the government. He added:

… the abuse of social media and the scourge of fake reportage, which are often motivated by subversive intentions, will remain closely monitored to protect peace and stability in the country.

Let’s be reminded that the peace we are enjoying did not come by accident. There are some among us, some Trojan horses, working day and night to try to cause chaos in our nation.

They are trying to subvert our economic revival efforts. They are trying to prevent our diplomatic engagement and re-engagement efforts. However, they will not succeed in this anti-people agenda of theirs.

Kazembe also claimed that abductions reported in the country were being stage-managed “possibly for some reward from somewhere.”

He assured the nation “that law enforcement agents are alert and the peace prevailing in the country will be guarded appropriately and jealously.”

Kazembe’s remarks come as the international community has urged the government to respect human rights and enhance principles of democracy.

He speaks when the government is pushing for the adoption of two bills, the Cyber security Bill and the Patriotic Bill which critics say are premised at limiting citizens’ rights and freedoms including expression and association.


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