Mwonzora Dares MDC Bigwigs “To Try It” As Fresh Bid To Oust Him Thickens

Senator Douglas Mwonzora, the former Secretary-General of the opposition MDC has said that no party member can remove him from the party as the party does not belong to individuals.

Mwonzora denied allegations purporting that he initiated the court process which sought to nullify the Nelson Chamisa’s leadership in May this year saying that he is actually the victim.

Speaking to the Daily News, Mwonzora said:

It was in fact me who was wronged by being dragged to the Supreme Court. The people who dragged me there came to their senses in the Supreme Court and withdrew the application against me.

They even offered to pay me over this. The party does not belong to individuals. I will defend myself. Anybody who thinks that I am going to be their victim must think again… I dare them to try it.

Mwonzora added that he had observed that members who were loyal to the late party founding father, Morgan Tsvangirai were being persecuted.

He urged party leaders to focus on uniting the party and making sure that the party performs well in elections instead of paying youths to harass him.


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