Jah Prayzah Disbands Military Touch Movement

Jah Prayzah has disbanded the Military Touch Movement (MTM) stable and cancelled all contracts. In a statement released this Sunday, the musician said it is now time to “let these superstars go out there to concur the world in music”.

We present the statement in its entirety below:

When I started MTM, my dream was to have a movement that is driven solely by the ambition of the artists and producers involved in it. It has been 3 years since we began the journey and I can say it has been fruitful.

We have shared so many joys as a team and joys I will continue to cherish and celebrate. Like any other organisation, we also did share our lows and again we went through these together.

Today we celebrate superstars who have been housed in MTM and that was part of the mission, for us all to grow together and celebrate our achievements together.


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