Govt Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Bureaucrats Openly Using US Dollars – Biti

Former Minister of Finance, Tendai Biti claims that the Zimbabwean economy has resisted de-dollarisation through Statutory Instrument 142/2019.

Biti asserted that transactions are openly being done using foreign currency even by government ministers, permanent secretaries and bureaucrats. He said:

The attempt to de-dollarise the economy through SI 142/2019 like everything else down by this illegitimate regime is a blatant failure that the economy has resisted.

Transactions are openly in US dollars and if not the local price is bank rated so prices have shot up with no taxes being paid.

At a very popular liquor outlet in Newlands, Harare East, government ministers, permanent secretaries and bureaucrats are openly purchasing large quantities of alcohol in US$. The hypocrisy escapes me!


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