Government Working On Resolving The Fuel Crisis – Report

The government through NOCZIM, ZERA and RBZ is working to resolve the dire fuel crisis that has seen extra long queues resurfacing in some parts of the country, Sunday News reports.

This was revealed by NOIC chair Engineer McKenzie Ncube who said the 3 agencies were working hard to resolve the crisis that is seeing motorists sleeping in fuel queues:

We are working tirelessly to resolve the fuel problem in the country. The RBZ is also making foreign currency allocations and the situation will soon stabilise.

The fuel which we had as more people went back to work, was not enough but Government is allocating more foreign currency to improve the situation

ZERA CEO Eddington Mazambani said there was enough fuel at Mabvuku, Masasa and Tafara depots and it will be released if a payment is made.


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