Concern raised over rampant illegal border jumping activities

LAW enforcement agents have been urged to improve surveillance along the Limpopo River to curb illegal cross border activities which are threatening the fight against COVID-19.

For many years, people have been using illegal entry points to cross the Limpopo river either into Zimbabwe or South Africa.

The shutting down of the Beitbridge border post to non -essential human traffic due to COVID-19 has worsened the situation, amid reports of an increase in border jumping and smuggling activities along the Limpopo river.

Beitbridge Senator, Cde Tambudzani Mohadi has since called for urgent action saying the obtaining situation could lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

“Our borders are very porous and we plead with the government to increase the presence of law enforcement agents along our borders. The police should also be assisted with resources such as vehicles so that they are effective. They also need protective clothing as they are handling people whose status they do know,” she said.

ZRP Assistant Commissioner Responsible for Operations and Crime, Ndofandaedza Jaboon said while security has been improved, there is a need for a multi-sectoral approach in raising awareness on the issue.

“We are concerned that those people are moving into a high-risk area and mixing with the community. So we fear that a disaster will strike down there. However, as a law enforcement committee, we really feel that all of us should go there and create awareness on the dangers of such behaviour,” said Jaboon.

The call comes at a time when the border district of Beitbridge is also struggling to accommodate returnees at the NSSA Hotel quarantine facility


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