Communication with adolescents continued

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Adolescents value recognition by people and more by their parents. Therefore the following communication pointers may be handy;

-Accept their feelings: do not downplay their concerns. Show that you care by empathising and reflecting on their comment back after they have expressed how they feel.

-Show trust: Adolescents want to be taken seriously, especially by their parents. Letting your child know you have faith in them will boost their confidence and help them work towards being trustworthy.

– Do things together: Talking isn’t the only way to communicate. It would be more beneficial to spend time doing things together and be open to each other. This helps to create bonding and gives an opportunity to share wishes, fears and experiences.

– Be observant of any changes in mood, behaviour and appetite: Talk about it and be supportive. When asking questions, be specific and respond to their issues.

– Involve them in all issues that affect them and allow them to have a say.

Set rules and boundaries, discuss and explain them before practising them. — Contact Family Counselling Centre



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