Chihuri Alleges ‘Coup Conspirators’ Wanted Him Dead

Africa Press-Nigeria:

Former Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri claimed that his successor Godwin Matanga instructed a police constable to shoot him and burn his Greystone Park house in December 2017.

Chihuri said the fire was started in his home office burning all files, records, and 15 bibles among other things, and to make sure that the records and files were destroyed, the took a 20-litre diesel container and another container with oil.

The diesel and oil were sprayed both in the office, the main bedroom and the rest of the house except the guest wing, Chihuri alleged.

Chihuri also accused Matanga of systematically engaging in a strategy of harassing his family, relatives and workers, threatening and beating his workers at gunpoint.

Chihuri made the allegations in an affidavit filed at the High Court on Friday. He is on the verge of losing his businesses and properties to the state after allegations that he amassed the wealth through corrupt means. He said:


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