Biti Reiterates MDC-A Support For July 31 Protests

MDC Alliance co-vice president Tendai Biti has pledged his party’s support for the planned 31 July citizens’ protests against egregious, high-level corruption.

Addressing reporters in Harare this Wednesday, Biti castigated government officials’ bellicose statements against protestors, saying it was imperative for them to pursue dialogue with citizens. Said Biti:

We support the citizen’s protest on 31 July. Citizens have a right to peaceful protest. Instead of inciting violence, the Government should dialogue with citizens. We object to the arrest of Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume. We demand their release.

We object to ZANU PF’s attempt to turn the 31 July protests into a violent demonstration, another January 2019 or August 2018. The citizens have emphasized that the protests will be peaceful.

Biti condemned the government’s nonchalant response to the coronavirus crisis which he characterised as a slow genocide.


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