AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB), remains confident that the issue of club licensing will be implemented successfully thereby uplifting football standards in the country.

This was disclosed by the body’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Almas Kasongo who said preliminary steps to fast track the process have been accomplished well.

“The only reliable thing which will accelerate the pace of football development in the country is by ensuring that our clubs are fully aware about the importance of respecting club licensing. “To facilitate this, we began countrywide tour with the aim to talk with club owners and stakeholders on the importance of embracing club licensing but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the mission was cut short,” said he.

He added that basing on the available infrastructure here, it is possible to implement the system hence seized the opportunity to request for total support from the concerned stakeholders.

However, Kasongo admitted that all the football leagues in the country are facing inadequate sponsorship which is highly leading to underdevelopment as far as football is concerned.

“Seeking sponsors is one of my duties as the boss of the TPLB especially after considering that both the First Division League (FDL) and Second Division League (SDL) hardly have sponsors which make them to operate in difficult environment,” he said.

He further pointed out that the main challenge they face is that potential sponsors are willing to sponsor the top flight league only and ignore the FDL and SDL respectively.

“Once the club licensing has been successfully implemented, all these problems of lacking sponsors in the leagues we govern will be the issue of the past,” he lamented.

Again, Kasongo noted that lately, gate collections have dropped in comparison with the past a situation he said has also accelerated clubs to go through difficult times economically.

“We need to come up with research to verify on what has happened for the number of people who watch games live had dropped since clubs have been highly affected due to lack of gate collections,” he said.


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