AfricaPress-Tanzania: AS the Regional Basketball League title race has grown more intense and exciting; the league has been colored with outstanding individual talents showcasing marksmanship, assists, rebounds and blocking.

Enerico Augustino of Army Basketball Club has been the top star with more points in books as he has recorded 578 points, followed by Baraka Sadick of JKT collecting 484, Jonas Mushi of Vijana City Bulls with 391.

Erick Lugola of Kurasini Heat has bagged 358 points and Herve Mbaya of Oilers booking 324 points. Apart from the leading scores there are long distance throwers who registered three points per shots.

Philbert Mwaipungu of ABC and Baraka Sadick have been the top in this category with 59 points followed by Jonas Mushi collecting 47 points.

Erick Lugola has pocketed 45 points and at the fifth place is Andrew Masilamba of Chui taking 37 points.

On the assister category Zani Oscar of Kurasini Heat recorded 92 assists followed by Philbert Mwaipungu bagging 79 assists, Alex Bwana of DTB at third 69 assists, Mussa Maruga of JKT with 68 and at fifth Evance Davis of Oilers with 67 assists.

In another category it included pointers who registered rebounder where Jimmy Brown of JKT has topped the category by registering 289 rebounds, at second is Haji Mbegu of Vijana who pocketed 198 rebounds while Omary Mohammed of ABC taking 187 rebounds. At fourth and fifth place are Kurasini Boys; Mwalimu Heri with 153 and Isaya Aswile 147.

There are other who had more blocks, gave a hard time to pointers blocking attempts made by pointers. Jimmy Brown of JKT has led the race with 41 blocks; Englibert Machumu of DTB had bagged 33 blocks.

Others include Moses Jackson of ABC with 26 blocks, Fadhili Chauma of Kurasini 19 blocks and Frank Mwemezi of DTB recording 16 blocks.

Individual skills are crucial in sports, in basketball there are leaders with better dunks; where Haji Mbegu of Vijana has pocketed 15 dunks, Jimmy taking second with 14 dunks, Moses Jackson with five.

Others include Jonas Mushi and Jackson Mwaipanya who have both registered four.


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