AfricaPress-Tanzania: LUGALO Golf Club of Dar es Salaam has commended President Joseph Magufuli for his brave fight and commitment in a fight against coronavirus threat saying he has saved his nation from suffering the worst from deadly virus.

TPDF Lugalo Chairman, Michael Luwongo said that during the official announcement to resume golf activities at the club in the city yesterday.

Luwongo, stressed, it was a brave decision from President to brush away fear that gripped Tanzanians during the early days of Covid-19 outbreak which he said was a good remedy that led to the national stability until a day when sports activities resumed.

“As soldiers we understand that with good a brave commander, winning war is a must, this is what happened, we have won the war with Magufuli at the command. “I must admit that his decision to whisk way fear that gripped Tanzanians had a psychological remedy. We were told that the virus is more dangerous for aged one and I am one of them. You could imagine what went through to my mind,” he said.

He said that soon after the Covid-19 was officially revealed in the country in mid-March this year, Lugalo Club decided to close the course, but in place it decided to use the hiatus to upgrade the course.

Luwongo said that the closure was also meant to adhere to the government’s directives as drastic measures to prevent the spread of deadly Covid-19.

“Maybe we were too worried to close the course, as you know golf is one of the non-contact sports, it is easy to keep distance, but I must admit we were worried with the safety of our members and those involved, hence the only way was to close it down,” he noted.

But he said now they are happy to resume competitions because of good work from the President and health authorities.

He said members and the entire golf fraternity should know now the club has resumed all golf activities, including all top events at this year’s calendar.

The said events like the Chairman Trophy, Chief Defense Forces (CDF), Trophy of September and Waitara Trophy, will be hosted as planned.

“We are also plan to use December Mug to honor our IT specialist Lieutenant Steven Selemani who passed away during coronavirus closure if his family will allow us. He did a wonderful job at the club; therefore the only way to remember him is to have competition in his name.”

Luwongo thanked all members for their calmness and patience during the difficult time, and insisted them to continue observing health directives that will keep them safe from coronavirus infection.

Lugalo Captain Japhet Masai also said after the opening of the events that the Weekly Fiddle and Monthly Mug competitions will be staged in July this year.


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