AfricaPress-Tanzania:  YOUNG Africans Head Coach Cedric Kaze said he will take each game of the Premier League as a final, insisting that the club’s target to win major titles this season remains unchanged.

The Burundian trainer made the remarks yesterday in the city during his official introduction by the club after landing at Julius Nyerere International Airport(JNIA) on Thursday night where he received a warm welcome from the team’s members and fans who gathered there to welcome him.

He takes over the responsibilities left by the former coach Zlatko Krmpotic who was sacked after nearly 37 days of being in charge of the team despite stamping success in four league matches and two friendly encounters.

In his briefing, Kaze maintained that every upcoming game should be treated as a final such that he will not only think of one match against Simba, but all games are important.

“A big club like Yanga always thinks of winning titles and we will challenge for any title which will come our way and that should be a coordinated job of me, players and supporters. “As you saw, Azam have won their match to reach 18 points but for us, with 13 points, we have one game in hand to play so you can see that the Gap is not that far hence we are still close to fight for the title this term,” he said.

He added for now, he has approximately four days before navigating his new team to their next league duel against Polisi Tanzania as such, he has at least seven training sessions to do before the game.

“I strongly believe that in our next match, there will be some changes in the way the team will play regarding on how the players will grasp the new lessons,” said he.

Kaze then expressed his satisfaction for joining Yanga while disclosing that he received a lot of congratulatory messages from people across the world wishing him well during his coaching tenure at the club.

“Yanga is a big brand which is known around the world and the most important thing is for our fans to give us deserved support and I am sure that we will deliver,” Kaze who fluently speaks four languages including Kiswahili said.

Asked which football philosophy he prefers, Kaze said he likes purpose football and not entertaining football claiming the latter delays movement of the team upfront.

On his part, GSM’s Director of Investment Hersi Said narrated that as sponsors, they have trust in Kaze that he will execute well his roles at the club and drive it to prosperity.

“We just need to give him adequate time to groom the team since his arrival is the beginning of the new chapter for our team,” he said.


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