Karate duo lauded for winning medals in Kampala

JKA/World Federation-Tanzania has saluted two karatekas for their good show in the just ended East and Central Africa Karate Championship in Kampala, Uganda.

The duo; Sensei Mikidadi Kilindo, alias Ganchan with fourth dan (ranks) and yellow belted Eliciana Katani, won gold and silver medals, respectively in the so-called kata (demonstration) competitions.

Kilindo won the first place in the men’s individual kata while Katani won the second spot in the women’s individual kata.

Their categories had also involved other participants from more than 10 countries from the region. Kilindo, who is also an Assistant Chief Instructor in Tanzania, has won several regional titles previously, having much experience in both kata and kumite ( fighting) skills.

He has won this title five times in his career. Katani, who is an assistant JKA/World Federation Tanzania Communication and Social Welfare manager, has made her maiden appearance in the regional event, being among role model women karate players in the country and region as a whole.

“We are glad to have won these two crucial medals, for us and for the country as a whole’, said the duo after being awarded their medals in the Ugandan capital recently.

Nestory Fedeliko, who is an executive director of JKA/World Federation Tanzania hailed the two for their triumph, but called upon the government to support the fast growing martial art sport, which has for years won many medals at international level.

“Had we travelled to Kampala in a big group, I’m sure we would have returned back home with plenty of medals,”


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