Beach Volleyball team ends 17th in Abuja

NATIONAL beach volleyball men’s team that took part at the ended Africa Nations Beach Volleyball Senior Championship claimed to have learnt a good lesson that will make the team better in future tournaments.

Tanzania took part for the first time in the event climaxed recently at Jabi Lake Park in Abuja, Nigeria. Jointly organised by Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF) and African Volleyball Confederation, the tournament brought together 18 men’s and women’s teams.

However, due to the financial constraints, Tanzania sent only men’s team that included Ford Edward and Shukuru Ali. Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ over the weekend after their return, Ali said that the tournament was good and they have learned a lot in Abuja.

He said that they suffered a setback during the event when his partner Edward caught malaria soon after playing the opening game against Nigeria which they lost 2-0.

Ali added that after that Edward became sick and doctor who examined him advised him not to play for his safety, thus forcing the team to give opponents walkovers. Only two players make beach volleyball team with no reserve.

When his partner was fit the team played one game against Zambia and won by 2-0 sets to finish 17th in the 18 – team competition. Ali said the win give them belief that they can do even better in future if things go well.

“ We fought really hard under a difficult situation, we are happy that at least we managed to beat Zambia in Abuja, this shows that we are not that bad,” he said.

The national team heading to Abuja was forced to take long bus travel to Kigali, Rwanda before connecting Abuja flight due to financial constraints.

“ We were forced to take a bus trip to Kigali, before connecting a flight because it is a bit cheaper to take flight from there than Dar,” said Ali.


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