AfricaPress-Tanzania: OVER 40 golfers have lined up to colour MAK Music & Art Music Centre Golf Competition, the first ever event to be staged after the end of Covid-19 hiatus.

The day-long 18 holes stableford competition is scheduled to be staged at the Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club (DGC), one of courses near the Indian Ocean beach.

DGC golf Captain Mohamed Dewji has told the ‘Daily News on Saturday’ in Dar es Salaam that preparation for the event has been finalised, all golfers are keen to race for the event’s top honours.

Among the confirmed golfers include the Senior Ambassador Saleh Tambwe, Adam Ngamilo, Gulam Dewji, Gautam Chavda, and Fatma Makame, being the notable contenders for the title race.

He said the event that is the first since golf activities were halted by Covid-19 scare, is sponsored by MAK Music & Art Music Centre.

“We are grateful for MAK’s director Krishna Soni for her support and organizing such an event especially this time when sports activities bounce back after Covid-19 kept sports personalities apart,” he said.

He named other competitors as Akil Jaffer, Shaizad Bhanji, Mudasia Kadasia, Mustafa Jacksi, Mohammed Asgarali, Bawa, Aunali Vejlani, Kaushik Mangarolia and Dhaivat Joshi.

Also in the list are Shakil Jaffer, Stewart Brogden, Taha Jabir, Neel Patadia, Sanjay Patadia, Ajay Shah, Arthur Kanza, Munir Bharwani, and Harshid Barmeda.

Others are Ali Shariff, Georgie Ferreira, Arjun Lavingia, Avinash Patel, Gautam Chavda, Kishan Dhebar, Jiten Lavingia, Rick Park, Hitesh Valambia, M A Hassam, Sue van Zyl, Victor Joseph, Mohamed Rahim, Xiaoli Lei, Gideon Rensburg, Mehboob Poptani, Hendri Lombard and Lina Nkya.

Meanwhile the MM Golf league final is set to tee off at the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) Lugalo Golf Club today.

Organised by MM Golf group Tanzania, the 18-hole competition, apart from involving four players who have entered the playoff final, is open for other golfers at a subsidiary category.

Group League master, Kiki Ayonga said in Dar es Salaam that preparation for the one-day competition has been finalised for the shot gun to open it at 9:00am at the club’s course.

Ayonga added the pulsating prizes will be awarded during the presentation ceremony to be held in the evening after the end of competition.

Adding the club’s administrator, Samwel Mosha said organisers MM would like to invite golfers who are not members of the club to come and join them.

“As club we have already done our part, MM have given us support and we are working together to insure that the event goes well as planned,” he said.


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