AfricaPress-Tanzania: AFTER years of financial constraints and operational quagmire the ailing Arusha Football Club, currently playing in First Division League got a savior in the wings.

He comes in the person of newly appointed Regional Commissioner (RC) for Arusha, Idd Kimanta who has vowed to turnaround all sporting events, teams and cultural outings.

For starters, the new official is to give a shot in the arm to the ailing Arusha Football Club (AFC), currently playing in the First Division League, but heavily constrained financially.

“It is a shame that the Arusha team, which is now playing in Shinyanga, has its players boarding in cheap and squalid guest houses, this is rather disturbing.

I promise it will never happen again during my tenure here,” said the Regional Commissioner.

RC Kimanta, who previously served as the District Commissioner for Monduli, said he will ensure that AFC is promoted to Premier League next season and while at that also, the army team of Mbuni FC from Monduli who play in the Second Division climb up to the First Division League (FDL) fixture.

For years, Arusha has not been able to produce a football team to play in the First Division League.

The region’s only card is the AFC team now struggling to make ends meet while playing in FDL.

The last time that Arusha managed a slot into the Premier League was eight years ago through JKT Oljoro FC, which was later sold to Misungwi District in Mwanza.

The team is now going by the name of Gwambina Football Club.

The Oljoro team, which belonged to the National Service (JKT), climbed into the Premier League during the 2011/2012 season before being relegated in the 2013/2014 season. Now through the new Regional Commissioner’s support, Arusha wants to try its card again in the premiership, through the AFC team.

“We are opening up new chapter in sports and culture, building teams, supporting players and making sure that Arusha name tops the list when it comes to all events,” said Idd Kimanta who during his tenure in Monduli, also worked hard in support of the Mbuni FC.


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