We will repossess undeveloped Rufiji land, ministry

THE government said yesterday it will not drag its feet in repossessing pieces of land from the Rufiji Basin Development Authority (RUBADA) given to investors who failed to develop them.

Agriculture Deputy Minister, Omary Mgumba stated this in the Parliament yesterday when responding to a question from Rufiji lawmaker Mohamed Mchegerwa (CCM). In his question, the MP said the Rufiji Basin has large fertile areas which can be used for agriculture and feed the population in Dar es Salaam City and provide raw materials to industries.

Mr Mchegerwa claimed that RUBADA had given investors a total of 500,000 hectares; however, the said investors turned out to be just middlemen and conmen. “When will the government repossess the land that these investors have failed to invest as per their agreement to contribute to the industrialisation process?” he questioned.

However, the deputy minister reacted, saying records indicate that RUBADA had never given 500,000 hectares of land to the investors. He said that during the period of its existence, RUBADA has managed to get title deed for ownership of 2000 hectares at Nyambunda, Nyambili and Bungu in Kibiti District which were given to an investor called FJS African Starch Development.

“However, the government will not hesitate to repossess agricultural land when we confirm that the investor has failed to develop the land for agricultural production,” he vowed.


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