Tanzania continues to strengthen ties with Vietnam

MINISTER for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, yesterday signed the condolence book at the Vietnamese embassy in Tanzania in honour of former Vietnam President, General Le Duc Anh who died on April 22.

Speaking after signing the book at the embassy of Vietnam in Tanzania, Prof Kabudi offered condolences to the Vietnamese people, saying that the two countries have a long relationship for many years from the time when the Republic of Vietnam fought for their freedom from France and the United State of America.

He added that the relationship between Vietnam and Tanzania has now been in the economic sphere, especially in the telecommunication area, where he mentioned Halotel as one of the companies that has invested in the country.

Prof Kabudi mentioned other relationship that exists including in the agricultural sector, especially in the cultivation of coffee and cashews.

On his part, the Ambassador of Vietnam in the country, Nguyen Kim Doanh, expressed his gratitude, adding that the situation continues to promote and strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

He said General Le Duc Anh was one of the leaders who was significantly promoting the relationship between Tanzania and Vietnam, and that he was optimistic the future relations between the two countries will continue to be promoted and enhanced.


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