AfricaPress-Tanzania: PRIME Minister and CCM’s Central Committee member, Kassim Majaliwa has asked Tanzanians, irrespective of their political ideologies, to vote for CCM Presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli since he is a firm leader with the passion to protect national interest and values.

Prime Minister Majaliwa made the request to Tanzanians yesterday when he addressed the Tanga Urban electorate during which he also asked them to vote for Tanga Urban CCM Parliamentary candidate Ms Ummy Mwalimu on October 28.

Mr Majaliwa told Tanga City residents that Dr Magufuli was an ideal candidate and leader capable of safeguarding the country’s values, including peace and the union between Tanzanian Mainland and Zanzibar.

He said in his first tenure of office, Dr Magufuli initiated a number of development projects that he must accomplish in the second term. “I kindly ask Tanzanians to vote for Dr Magufuli on October 28 so that he accomplishes what he started,” he said.

He said Tanzanians had all the reasons to vote for Dr Magufuli since he is a bold and firm leader capable of making tough decisions.

He is a leader who puts ahead the interests of the common people.”On road projects being implemented in Tanga City , the premier said the government had set aside 66.8bn/- for the construction of Tanga – Pangani Road with 50 kms at tarmac level.

“A total of 2.3bn/- has been spent in fixing 436 street lights in roads within the city and traffic lights on Mombasa road,” he said.Mr Majaliwa said that the construction of infrastructure has improved the welfare of Tanga residents by allowing them to work without limitations.

He said that most of the strategic projects being implemented in Tanga include construction of a modern damp at Mpirani Chongoleani at a cost of 8.9bn/- which upon completion will help in control of solid waste.

The PM said that a total of 1.7bn/- has been disbursed for investing at Tanga Bus Stand … the construction is in progress.

A total of 21.9bn/- has been spent on improving 16.4kms roads at tarmac level.

They include Barabara ya Sita – Chumbageni (1km), Barabara ya Nne – Chumbageni – Ikulu 1.14kms and Diwani / Ikulu , Taifa and Sahare 4.2kms.

He said another road is from Diwani – Mwambonde 1.62kms , Mabawa – Msambweni II (0.80km), Nguvumali, Barabara ya Nane and Jamtican 3.53kms, Msambweni and Kange road 5.0 kms.

The PM noted that a total of 2.2bn/- had been spent on improving drainage systems in the City while another 10bn/- has been used for improving roads at gravel level.

He added that for the 2020/2021 financial year, Tanga City Council planned to spend 1.3bn/- for the construction of Mabawa- Msambweni II – Barabara ya 11 and 12 at tarmac level.

The fifth phase government has implemented major projects in the past five years; some have been completed and others are ongoing in various parts of the country.

They are considered as strategic projects for boosting economic growth.

They include Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Ubungo Interchange,Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Project and Julius Nyerere International Airport Terminal 3, among others.


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