AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE National Electoral Commission (NEC) has described preparations for the general elections as progressing well, but warned candidates aspiring for different electoral posts to abstain from engaging in provocative language.

At a meeting with its stakeholders in Zanzibar, NEC Officers led by their Commissioner, Ms Asina Omar urged the residents to maintain peace and unity by avoiding utterances, which might incite chaos in the country.

“We have been going well with wide public awareness about the importance of voting. NEC is prepared to ensure all registered voters including people with disabilities exercise their democratic right,” the commissioner said.

The stakeholders, which included religious leaders, people with disabilities, members of Masai tribe family living in Zanzibar, Youths, and women at the meeting held at the ‘Zanzibar Electoral Commission-ZEC’s centre for results, observers and media were further reminded on the importance of peace.

On his part, Assistant Head of Information and Voters Education, Mr Cosmas Mwaisombwa, equally reminded them on the elections process, saying: “More than 29 million registered voters include voters in Zanzibar should prepare to vote for the union president, Zanzibar president, MPs, House of Rep, and councillors, and that NEC and ZEC remain close as backed by both the mainland and Zanzibar constitutions.”

Mr Mwaisomba said that there will be no queue for people with disabilities, elderly, and breastfeeding mothers, noting that the voting environment has been improved this year and “we call upon all voters to turn-up to vote on October 28, 2020.

The NEC director-Zanzibar Mr Hamidu Mwanga asked electorates to ignore candidates with emotional statement, which may cause instability during the voting day, while Mr Saduni Ahmed Khamis who spoke on behalf of the ZEC director emphasized: “The Election Day is on October 28 for the general, and Oct 27 has been set for special people.”


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