AfricaPress-Tanzania: ILALA constituency candidate on the NCCR-Mageuzi ticket, Mr Nicolas Clinton, has outlined his priorities, foremost being youth entrepreneurship training programmes, if elected on October 28, this year.

He gave the commitment while addressing Ilala residents on Tuesday during his campaign rally, adding that the funds to be spent on such training would be obtained from the women, youth and people with disabilities empowerment fund.

Mr Clinton further said that the 10 per cent set aside for such groups had not reached the beneficiaries as there were many young people in Ilala who live in poverty simply because have not been given funds and training.

“If elected to represent Ilala constituency, I will ensure the 10 per cent is spent on facilitating training for youth, and will look for opportunities in science and technology issues that are the biggest force in the world right now,” he asserted.

Elaborating, he said women will also receive entrepreneurship training as well as a proper way of utilising loans, which they would be required to repay within one year.

Another area that he pledged to address is infrastructure as most of the roads in the constituency are dilapidated and have not been repaired for more than 15 years.

“I encourage you not to elect egocentric politicians but go for the ones who have the vision to help our constituency and nation at large as well as address your problems in parliament. Don’t be fooled by any candidate, listen to everyone’s policies and look for the right ones,” he remarked.

In analyzing their manifesto, he said NCCR will engage independent experts from different sectors and institutions across the country and embrace best ideas as each of the political parties has some good aspects in their manifestos.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has set Wednesday, October 28 as polls date, climaxing campaigns stretching from August 26 to October 27.

Registered voters cast ballots to elect political office holders at different levels, from the presidency, constituency representation and membership of district councils.

NEC data shows that about 29m Tanzanians have registered to vote in this year’s election, compared to 23 million in 2015.


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