AfricaPress-Tanzania: CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) launched its Zanzibar general election campaigns here yesterday, with presidential candidate Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi pledging zero-tolerance on corruption, theft and laziness.

“I will mercilessly fight all sorts of corruption and embezzlement of public resources…whoever perceives my politeness as weakness will soon get to understand me,” Dr Mwinyi told thousands of Zanzibaris who flooded the Kibandamaiti grounds in Unguja Urban for the campaign launch.

In his 34-minute speech, Dr Mwinyi asked the islanders to endorse him for the top job, promising to form a highly responsible government that will strive to meet the expectations of all wananchi.

“The ‘as usual’ syndrome must end…everybody—be it in public office, private sector, on the farm or in business—should work hard and responsibly,” he said, adding that he will never hesitate to hold the culprits responsible, especially civil servants.

The youthful presidential hopeful decried an alarming rate of social evils,especially gender violence, drug abuse, injustices and spite against the weak citizens, vowing to defend the right of all citizens.

“I will introduce a special system for receiving people’s complaints and meet needy citizens from all walks of life…I am in the presidential race because I have only one purpose—to serve Zanzibaris,” he said amid deafening applause.

Highlighting the major items of the agenda in the ruling party’s election manifesto, Dr Mwinyi mentioned the blue economy, strong economic infrastructure, an industrial based economy and provision of social services for wananchi as the envisaged eighth phase government’s priorities.

“We aspire to build the new economy and prosperous Zanzibar…the modern economy that will create more jobs for all Zanzibaris,” Dr Mwinyi told the overflowing political hotspot Kibandamaiti grounds,imploring the islanders to embrace hard work.

He described tourism, industries and the ocean—blue economy—as virgin economic sectors that are still yearning for investments, with huge potential of job creation.

The presidential aspirant said his administration will explore new sources of electricity to ensure Zanzibar has reliable and affordable energy to support the envisaged modern economy.

“We are determined to register a record economic growth rate because Zanzibar has all that it takes to prosper economically,” Dr Mwinyi said, arguing that it was high time the country widened the scope of its tourism from beach to conference and sports tourism to attain the election manifesto’s 850,000-tourist target.

He implored all citizens to cherish and embrace the country’s peace and tranquility if they have to enjoy the benefits of economic development.

“Unless we uphold our peace and unity, we will hardly enjoy the economic benefits ahead of us,” he said, adding that there will be no loophole for any type of discrimination in the Spice Islands.

Dr Mwinyi pleaded with all CCM members, fans, supporters and wananchi in general to turn out in big numbers on October 28, 2020 to vote and assure the ruling party of landslide victory.

“We have to get out and vote…our tendency of becoming complacent without voting is not politically healthy,” remarked the presidential hopeful.


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