AfricaPress-Tanzania: ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi on Monday appealed to leaders in Zanzibar and the Mainland to forge unity in the quest to bring rapid economic development for both sides of the 56-year-old Union of the two sister countries.

He said he and Union President John Magufuli have extensively discussed cooperation in the implementation of the pledges they made to the electorate during the election campaigns, insisting that those promises must be fulfilled.

“President Magufuli and I had talks privately about how the Union government would support Zanzibar and he came out publicly to express his commitment to support me. This raises my hope and people of Zanzibar that their lives will improve,” he added.

He noted that during the election campaigns he assured the wananchi that their lives would improve once they elected him as their president, and hence, he has a promise to fulfill.

“After hearing from you (President Magufuli) saying that you will be at the forefront to support me implementing what I had promised, my hope was raised for the Zanzibaris,” he pointed out.

President Mwinyi was speaking after Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa and two ministers – Prof. Palamagamba Kabudi (Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation) and Dr Philip Mpango (Finance and Planning) – were sworn-in at the Chamwino State House in Dodoma.

“So let me take this opportunity to thank you for your readiness to help us… and I am confident that our cooperation will continue and address promises made to the people,” he said.

He congratulated Prime Minister Majaliwa for being re-appointed to that senior post for the second time after serving the first five years diligently.

“The Prime Minister Majaliwa was my boss. I know him and he deserves to retain the post,” said Dr Mwinyi, a former Minister of Defence and National Service in the Union government.

He added: “For Prof Kabudi and Dr Mpango these are my colleagues, I know them very well that they are hardworking ministers.

“Since Prof Kabudi started leading the ministry responsible for the Union, I have been looking forward to working closely with him for the benefit of the nation.”

“Dr Mpango as well is a hardworking man and we have worked together during the first five-year term. Though Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland are interdependent economically, there are many issues that the latter still expects from the Union government.”

Speaking at the same venue, Vice-President Samia Suluhu Hassan told President Magufuli that she has a lot of trust in his government.

She said during the past five-year term, she learnt a lot of lessons from his leadership style and commitment towards work.

“We are now well-baked and waiting for the cabinet and we will help you lead the members,” she assured the President.

The Vice-President said that during the next five years they will work hard and ensure that the 303-page CCM’s manifesto is implemented.

“We are all praying to God to keep you healthy. Our promise to you is working hard…many challenges face Tanzanians, such as water and others, and we have promised to address them,” she pointed out.


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