Magufuli hosts IMF Director at State House

INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund (IMF) plans to bring in experts to work closely with their counterparts in the ministry of finance and planning in reviewing contentious areas on the country’s economic growth projections.

The fund has as well appreciated President John Magufuli and his government’s efforts in investing in mega development projects that aim at boosting economic growth and improve wananchi’s lives.

IMF Director of African Department Abebe Aemro Selassie, speaking during his courtesy call to President Magufuli at State House, said IMF is pleased to see Tanzania implementing projects that will also reduce the cost of electricity and boost production.

Mr Selassie requested for a meeting with the Head of State to discuss various issues related to the long time good relationship between IMF and Tanzania.

“We have agreed that Tanzania and IMF will remain big partners who trust each other, we see many opportunities in this country as well as good strategies that have been set by President Magufuli,” he said.

He said IMF officials and Tanzanian experts will continue with their talks in the coming few weeks to identify areas that have been improved by the government so that they can be linked into economic projections.

“Our experts will meet their Tanzanian counterparts to discuss issues and areas that need to be included in the economic projections,” he noted.

Finance and Planning Minister Dr Philip Mpango assured Tanzanians that the ministry is well prepared to clarify on all areas that need to be included in the IMF report.

He said some of the areas include execution of various economic projects. “For the country’s economy to grow, there must be investment, I am glad the Head of State has explained to the IMF Director the way the country is investing in various projects like railway construction, Stigler’s Gorge power generation project as well as roads and industrial investments, we believe our colleagues did not consider all these in their report, which leaked recently,” he said.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Professor Palamagamba Kabudi asked investors to continue trusting Tanzania, assuring the public that investors will continue to bring in capital for various economic activities.

“I am glad that we are still receiving investors. After the report leaked, the number of investors continued to flow in the country,” he said.


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