AfricaPress-Tanzania: SOME Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) parliamentary and councillorship candidates who sailed unopposed in the nomination stage by the National Electoral Comissission (NEC) will now face their opponents after their reinstatement by the electoral body.

Having been declared to have been elected unopposed in their constituencies by the national electoral body some might have even exhausted their campaign budget but will now have to go back to the drawing board.

The candidates from the opposition parties were disqualified by the election returning officers in their respective localities for missing key endorsement requirements but they later appealed to NEC and were reinstated.

According to NEC, it has so far worked on 113 appeals for parliamentary contestants and 103 for councillorship posts.

NEC, however, pledged to continue updating the public after it has gone through other appeal documents.

The commission had earlier announced 18 parliamentary candidates of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM’s) elected unopposed, among them are Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa (Ruangwa), Nape Nnauye (Mtama), Vita Kawawa (Namtumbo), Sagini Abdallah (Butiama), Alexander Mnyeti (Misungwi), January Makamba (Bumbuli), Dr Khamis Kigwangala (Nzega Rural), Zedi Jumanne (Bukene) and Philipo Mulugo (Songwe). Others are Geofrey Pinda (Kavuu), Eng Isaac Kamwelwe (Katavi), Taletale Shabani (Morogoro East), Kalogereris Innocent (Morogoro South), Jonas Zeeland (Mvomero), Elias Kwandikwa (Ushetu), National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai (Kongwa), Ahmed Shabiby (Gairo) and Prof Palamagamba Kabudi (Kilosa).

But until yesterday, NEC had reinstated some opposition contestants in Namtumbo and Bukene constituencies, meaning that Vita Kawawa (Namtumbo) and Jumanne Selemani Zedi( Bukene) will now go back to the campaign trail full throttle.

The Commission also approved 19 other appeals for parliamentary posts in Tunduru North, Mbeya Rural, Songea Urban, Karagwe , Ulanga, Chwemba, Tanga, Kibamba and Nyasa.

Others are Same East, Buhigwe, Mufindi South, Muheza, Tabora North, Ubungo and Kigamboni.In its meeting held on September 10 this year, NEC reviewed 60 appeals, of which two were for parliamentary seats and 58 for councillorship posts.

In its verdict, NEC reinstated one candidate for Iramba West parliamentary seat, rejecting one for a contestant whose appeal was dropped.

NEC Director of Election, Dr Wilson Charles, said that his commission had also reviewed 58 appeals for councillorship approving 34, and rejecting 23.

On Tuesday, NEC also reinstated 15 candidates, whose bids for the legislative position were contested, further rejecting 40 appeals that involve candidates who were disqualified.

NEC reached its verdict after reviewing 55 appeals that were filed by candidates and election stakeholders permissible by the law to dispute decisions by returning officers.

On Friday, CCM maintained that, it will record a landslide victory in the October polls regardless of the National Electoral Commission (NEC)’s decision to reinstate opposition candidates against whom the objections were raised.

CCM’s Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Mr Humphrey Polepole told reporters on Friday during a meeting in Chato, Geita Region, that come rain or shine, CCM will emerge victorious in the October polls.

Mr Polepole was giving an assessment on the party’s performance in the ongoing election campaigns after they were officially launched in Dodoma on August 29, this year.

He said his party is well prepared and organised to win the elections since it has recorded good performance over the past five years.


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