AfricaPress-Tanzania: IN efforts to maintain peace and political stability in the country during the forthcoming general election, the interfaith committee has held talks with ACT-Wazalendo Presidential Candidate Seif Sharif Hamad who has been suspended from campaigning for five days.

The Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) banned the ACT-Wazalendo flag bearer for Isles presidency for violating the election law and regulations. The suspension is effective from October 16-20, this year.

The penalty imposed on Mr Hamad follows complaints by Demokrasia-Makini that the candidate was contravening the election regulations by persuading his followers to go to vote on October 27 instead of October 28. According to him, setting two separate dates for voting will create room for cheating.

The interfaith peace committee spokesman said “our talks were successful, but before giving details to members of the public through the media, let us work on what we have just agreed on. We also plan to hold talks with other presidential candidates in Zanzibar.”

For his part, Mr Hamad declined to comment on the talks, but insisted “the best way of avoiding unnecessary conflict and maintaining peace and political stability is for the Electoral Commission and candidates to ensure transparency and fairness throughout the electoral process.”

The interfaith committee has been facilitating high level consultative meetings between religious leaders and other stakeholders at national level, including political parties, government officials, the National Electoral Commission and law enforcers to promote peace and have a culture of dialogue to resolve contentious issues.


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