AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE Arusha District Commissioner (DC), Mr Kenan Kihongosi, has commended the achievements of the health sector, brought by the fifth phase government under the leadership of President John Magufuli.

He gave the commendation when launched a training session for occupational assessment on diseases and accident-related disabilities, operated by Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) on behalf of the Arusha Regional Commissioner recently.

More than 100 doctors from four Northern Regions of Arusha, Manyara, Tanga and Kilimanjaro are attending the training.

“The government has built about 70 district hospitals nationwide and each hospital has been provided with 1.5bn/-,” he remarked.

He further stated that the government had renovated and constructed over 352 health centres nationwide and each centre had been provided 400m/- to 500m/- by the government.

He further noted that the government had tremendously increased employment opportunities for doctors and health care providers in the area.

The DC mentioned other achievements as implementation of major strategic projects such as the construction of the Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project (JNHPP) in the Rufiji river basin, and Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

“The JNHPP costs 6.5tri/- and through its accomplishment, the cost of electricity will be low as it will generate 2,115 Megawatts. Apart from benefiting the citizens, the industrial economy will grow stronger as sufficient and reliable electricity will be available,” he explained.

On his part, the WCF Director General, Masha Mshomba said the training that culminated is phase three of the project that intends to increase the number of doctors with the ability and understanding on how to assess occupationalrelated diseases and disabilities, to enable the fund to pay necessary compensations on time.

“During the administration of the fifth phase, there has been an increase of industries and industrial sector workers, but also an increase of accidents at workplaces; this is why we need to put efforts in providing awareness to health specialists so as to efficiently serve the workers,” he said, adding: “…This will enable them to return to their jobs quickly or be able to get alternative jobs; and by doing so we will fulfill the mission of building and strengthening the country’s workforce that will contribute to productivity and grow the nation’s economy,” said Mr Mshomba.

So far a total of 956 doctors from all regions across the country have been trained, he said, noting that the training was continuous.

“The fund has been very successful in fulfilling its role, as in its first year it paid compensations worth 1.5bn/-, and by the end of this month it expects to pay out 8.5bn/-,” he said.


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