AfricaPress-Tanzania: GRIEF gripped Zanzibar Islands following the news of the sudden death of Mpendae parliamentary aspirant on CCM ticket Salim Hassan Turky.

The ruling party postponed its entire general election campaign programme on Tuesday to mourn the demise of their cadre and the Isles’ business tycoon.

The 57-year old Turky— fondly referred to as Mr White—has passed on hardly three days after pledging to invest heavily in campaigning for himself, the Union and Zanzibar presidential candidates on CCM tickets.

The deceased’s son Toufiq Salim Turky said his further died at the wee hours of yesterday at his own Vuga-based Global Hospital where he was rushed for treatment after suddenly falling ill.

The renowned investor-cum politician was laid to rest yesterday afternoon at Fuoni Kijitoupele cemetery on the outskirt of Zanzibar city.

The late Turky had just completed his second five-year term in parliament and CCM had approved him for the third period.

Zanzibar President Ali Mohamed Shein last Saturday introduced the late Turky among other CCM parliamentary candidates in Urban West and issued him the party’s election manifesto at the campaign launch at Kibanda Maiti democracy grounds.

Mpendae residents described the unexpected demise of Mr White as a big blow, which has faded their hopes of benefiting from “his exemplary representation.”

They said the former Member of Parliament had during his period cared for all wananchi irrespective of their religious and political ideologies. The late Turky was born on February 11, 1963.


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