AfricaPress-Tanzania: CHINESE Ambassador to Tanzania, Ms Wang Ke has commended the government for formulating its own policy and making decisions to fight against coronavirus locally.

Ms Wang Ke said yesterday in Dar es Salaam that the move had helped in the control of the virus without disrupting lives.

She said the decisions and the country’s own national conditions took full account of the epidemic and controlled it to the extent that economic development and people’s livelihood were protected.

“We are glad to learn that the number of Covid-19 patients in Tanzania hospitals declined, the epidemic situation is improving and economic and social order is returning to normal,” she noted.

The Ambassador further noted that the achievements made by the government and her people won it international praise, adding that Tanzania’s economic development has retained a good momentum.

The envoy made the speech, while presiding over an event to hand over some hand washing facilities and liquid soap worth 22m/-to benefit some 100 public schools to help school children fight against the spread of the virus and other diseases once their institutions are opened.

Expounding, she said the donation was aimed at supporting the decision made by President John Magufuli once schools reopen.

“This donation also manifests our care for health of teachers and students in Primary and Secondary Schools in Tanzania,” said the envoy.

On his part, Dar es Salaam Regional Academic Officer, Boniface Willison thanked the Chinese Ambassador saying the facilities would help supplement the government’s effort in taking precautionary measures against the virus.

Mr Willison further said the assistance would support teachers in the institutions to practice high hygiene and guide students on how to properly use them.

“The First week of reopening the schools, teachers will teach the pupils best ways to wash hands and protect themselves,” he added.


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