AfricaPress-Tanzania:  PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein and his possible successor, Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi have called on CCM members and supporters not to be provoked to anger, urging them to ignore some leaders in the opposition who are already instigating violence by using provocative language.

“Remain stable, listen to peaceful campaigns, there are some candidates in the opposition who are driving towards conflict. We should not allow this to happen,” Dr Shein said in Micheweni Pemba where he drummed support for Dr Mwinyi.

Shein reiterated that Dr Mwinyi is the right candidate to take over the Zanzibar presidency after he retires this term, “He is also the right person to preserve the revolutionary ideology to move the country forward.”

The outgoing president said residents of Pemba should be proud of achievements gained under his regime, including infrastructure, delivery of social services, and peace and political stability, and that the only task is to maintain it.

On his part, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM)’s Zanzibar presidential candidate for the October 28 general election Dr Mwinyi also emphasized on peace as the only way a country can implement its development programmes.

“I need peace so that I can continue with all the good plans in the manifesto which aims to improve people’s lives. We have a lot to do for the people, but peace is a priority,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He said his plans for change include supporting seaweed and cloves farmers, and fishers in Micheweni District, where majority of the people are engaged in the business but have been complaining about lack of market and low price in seaweed.

He said under his regime if he wins, he will maintain the good price for cloves, and also continue with free education and health policies, which were revived by the outgoing Dr Shein who served Zanzibar from 2010 to 2020.

Retired leaders, Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi (Union President), Shamsi Vuai Nahodha (former Chief Minister), CCM Deputy Secretary General for Zanzibar, Dr Abdalla Juma Sadala, and several party and government leaders attended the rally in Micheweni, Pemba.


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