AfricaPress-Tanzania: MADARAKA Nyerere has announced his intention to contest for Butiama parliamentary seat in the upcoming general elections if he will be endorsed to do so by the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

The son of the founding father of the nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere made the announcement shortly after President John Magufuli dissolved Parliament.

“Honourable President Dr John Magufuli has dissolved parliament today, and I have called you here to let you know about my intention to contest for the parliamentary seat in Butiama constituency through CCM ticket,” Mr Madaraka told journalists at Mwitongo, the residential home of Mwalimu Nyerere’s family.

Madaraka said he is now a permanent resident of Butiama in Mara Region where his late father was born and brought up. “Since October 1999 when I came to bury my father, I decided to remain here,” he said.

Madaraka said if he will be lucky to be nominated by CCM and contest for the post, he will become the choice and the right solution for Butiama residents.

He added: “I have not been sent by anybody to contest for this post, but I have seen that it is the right time do so,” If his dream comes true, Mr Madaraka said he will cooperate with the government to fight corruption as well as participate on development matters.

“If I will be lucky, I believe we will win the Butiama parliamentary seat smoothly, and I will participate in the fight against corruption.

And citizens of Butiama should know that they would have got a perfect member of parliament,” he further said.

Mr Madaraka said he is aware of the social and economic challenges facing citizens of Butiama, and that he has the ability to cooperate with the government and other stakeholders to tackle the challenges and eventually speed up social and economic development in the area.

He also thanked the fifth phase government under President Magufuli administration for creating a friendly political environment which does not favor only people with money to vie for elected posts.

“President Magufuli has made it possible, and indeed I wish to be one of his soldiers, and it will be a big honor to work with such a great leader,” Mr Madaraka said.

He also thanked the head of state for his strong leadership which has seen significant achievements on implementation of the 2015 CCM election manifesto, thus transforming the lives of ordinary citizens.

Equally, Mr Madaraka also congratulated the ruling party CCM for continuing to do an impressive job in supervising national development since Tanzania gained its independence.

The next general election is expected to take place in October this year.


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