AfricaPress-Tanzania: NEWLY elected Vunjo Member of Parliament, Dr Charles Kimei (CCM), has punched holes in the constituency’s former legislative leadership, saying the area lagged behind in terms of development during the opposition reign.

Dr Kimei gave the sentiments shortly after taking oath of office, saying after at least 20 years of opposition dominance, Vunjo constituency has lagged behind in economic and social infrastructure.

Dr Kimei thanked voters for their decision to choose Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) instead of the opposition candidates during last month’s General Election.

“This time they did the right thing, with a landslide victory for me and for President John Magufuli. It indicates that they are tired of unfulfilled promises from opposition parties.” argued Dr Kimei.

He revealed that in Vunjo, education and health facilities are not in good condition while unemployment among the youth continues to soar.

Dr Kimei said he will not depend much on the government to fix problems in the constituency, saying efforts will now be made to uncover opportunities available for voters to exploit for improvement of their social wellbeing.

The former CRDB bank Chief Executive Officer said through his experience in the banking industry, he will support the youth, including facilitating access to small business capital for self-employment to stimulate the economic development in the constituency.

“Population in Vunjo seems to have dropped, a fact which manifests itself in a number of things, including the small number of kids in schools due to low reproductive rate as the youth spend much of their time drinking local brew, staying idle and loitering,” he elaborated.

Dr Kimei, who is widely recognized for his role in shaping retail banking in Tanzania, insisted that through 2020-2025 CCM manifesto, he will spearhead reforms in the constituency.

Since inception of multiparty democracy in 1992, Vunjo constituency has all along been under opposition parties, except between 2005 and 2010 when it was under the late CCM legislator Aloyce Bent Kimaro.


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