AfricaPress-Tanzania: CCM Central Committee (CC) member, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said wisdom among Tanzanians must prevail in electing the next president by voting for CCM Presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli who has undoubtedly proven that he is fit for the top job.

“It is of paramount importance for Tanzanians to vote for Dr Magufuli so that he can continue spearheading the country’s development,” Prime Minister Majaliwa said while addressing Daluni ward residents in Mkinga District, Tanga region in his campaign trail.

The Prime Minister said the presidency is not a task that can be assigned to any person, especially an individual who has never proved competency after being tested.

“President Magufuli is the ideal candidate with suitable qualifications to lead this nation in the next five years,” he said.

He said in the past five years, President Magufuli has displayed an unmatched performance in serving the public, irrespective of their political ideologies, religious inclinations or tribes, including spearheading the country’s development.

He reminded the electorate that in the past five years, President Magufuli improved provision of social amenities such as health services, including offering free basic education.

“Development is not based on party ideology, let’s vote for Dr Magufuli because he is a hard working person,” he insisted.

He said in its 2020-25 election manifesto, CCM will carry on its development agenda by further improving provision of social services in the country.

“I call upon Tanzanians to turn out in large numbers on October 28 this year to vote for Dr Magufuli and other CCM candidates so that we may accomplish what we started five years ago.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Majaliwa said the government has completed all the procedures of dividing Mwele farm, located in Mkinga to ordinary wananchi for farming activities.

The decision by the government to repossess the farm was made after the land remained idle for years.

He said he directed authorities to distribute to wananchi five farms owned by Tanzania Sisal Board and other undeveloped land by the government so that they can use them for sisal farming to earn their living.

He said in the past five years, besides improving the production of sisal which is a strategic cash crop, the government repossessed all assets, including 30 residential houses that were sold out to individuals illegally.

Other assets returned to the government include Tanzania Sisal Board’s building that was being used as its headquarters, warehouses, shares, cash amounting to US dollars 78,000 and 34ml/- that was kept for 20 years in the liquidator’s bank account without being reported to the government.


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