AfricaPress-Tanzania: CCM Central Committee has unveiled a list of verified names of the party’s candidates who will vie for the posts of city and municipal mayors, deputy mayor, council chairperson and deputy council chairpersons countrywide.

The CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary Mr Humphrey Polepole disclosed during a press conference held in Dar es Salaam, on Friday (November 20, 2020) stressing that the party is going to be very bitter to leaders who will fail to demonstrate efficiency on public’s concern.

Mr Polepole observed that in the just ended general election the people have shown great trust to CCM, this is why the party’s Central Committee has embarked on the process of acquiring the right candidate for the above posts.

“Formerly, the process of acquiring the names for the mayor, deputy mayor, council chairperson and deputy chairperson was a participatory process and would end at the district and regional level.

“Based on the trust demonstrated to CCM, the top organ so it fit to handle the matter in getting the right fit to safeguard the interests of the people,” said Mr Polepole.

He noted that the turn out for the mayoral race in cities including Dar es Salaam (9), Arusha (17), Dodoma (7), Tanga (6), Mbeya (10) and seven for Mwanza.

He, however, disclosed that the Municipal Mayor account for 20 posts the turnout was 150 candidates, for the Council Chairperson they are 137 post and had a turnout of 682 people, 22 posts for the Township Chairperson whose turnout was 109 people from CCM.

Mr Polepole urged those selected to push through with the race not to celebrate but rather ask God to grant them good leadership which is expected by the public.

“The aspirants should be patriotic and put the interest of the people first in fulfilling CCM manifesto as it has always been emphasized by the party’s Chairman, Dr John Magufuli,” said Mr Polepole.

He observed that all development funds are being directed in the councils, it is their responsibility to ensure the broader interest of the public is served.

“It is in the councils whereby members of the public get the opportunity to plan and decide on development projects related to their lives and welfares,

He warned that serious measures will be taken against individuals, who will fail to go with the pace of the second term of the fifth phase government.

Equally, they will only bear with leaders who ready to work hand in hand with the President to further boost the country’s development.

The party’s prepared to implement plans, priorities and pledges all stated in the CCM’s 300 pages plus CCM manifesto.

The CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary called upon responsible parties in Kilolo and Mufindi District Council in Iringa, Mtwara, Nyasa and Msalala District Councils to immediately to repeat the process of acquiring candidates.

He hinted that a similar exercise is continuing in Zanzibar currently awaiting the completion of necessary Constitutional, soon the names of the aspirants will be released.

Besides releasing the aspirants’ names, among the agenda which toppled on the list of the CCM’s Central Committee including applauding Mr Hemed Suleiman Abdalla as new Second Vice President and a newly appointed Zanzibar Candidate.


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