AfricaPress-Tanzania: AS Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) proceeds with screening exercise to get its candidates for Zanzibar House of Representatives (ZHoR) and Union Member of Parliament (MP), several bigwigs and ministers started the race by ‘losing’ in the first round of polls held last Monday and yesterday.

According to results from polling centres in each district, those who lost the leading numbers, with their constituencies in brackets, include Zanzibar Information, Tourism, and Heritage Minister, Mr Mahmoud Thabit Kombo (Mwanakwerekwe), and the Minister for Constitution and Legal Affairs, Mr Khamis Juma Mwalim (Pangawe).

The Isles Minister for Agriculture, Mr Mmanga Mjengo Mjawir (Mkoani-ZHoR), the former union finance minister Dr Saada Mkuya (Kikwajuni- MP), prominent businessman Mr Mohamed Raza Dharamsi (Uzini- ZHoR) and the former State Minister Dr Mwinyihaji Makame Mwadini (Dimani- ZHoR)) were defeated during the primaries.

Candidates who could afford a smile after the opinion polls include Dr Mohamed Seif Khatib (Uzini-MP), a long serving veteran politician who was out of active politics since 2010, and the union Minister for Water, Prof Makame Mbarawa Mnya (Mkoani-MP).

Ms Bahati Nassir Abeid has failed to defend her Mahonda seat (MP) and the former National chairman for CCM youth wing (UVCCM) Mr Sadifa Juma Khamis was defeated in Donge (MP) while the former Isles Finance Minister Dr Khalid Salum Mohamed won in Donge (ZHoR).

The CCM deputy Secretary General-Zanzibar Dr Abdalla Juma Mabodi congratulated those who are leading, adding that “The screening is incomplete. There are still other processes before the final approval by the party central committee. But also there is still room to appeal for the dissatisfied.”

Meanwhile, the Civic United Front (CUF) Deputy Secretary General, Mr Haroub Mohamed Shamsi yesterday said his party was in final preparations for the upcoming general elections, and eight members from the party are seeking to be nominated for Zanzibar Presidency.

The aspirants to be screened to get Zanzibar CUF presidential candidate include Mr Mussa Haji Kombo, Mr Mohammed Vuai Makame, Mr Mohammed Habibu Mnyaa, Mr Khamis Hamad Ibrahim, Mr Faki Suleiman Khatib, Mr Abbasi Juma Mhunzi, Mr Rajabu Mbarouk Nanzi, and Ms Nazira Ali Haji.


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