AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE ruling party- CCM has vowed to continue combating corruption, misappropriation of public funds and negligence in the local government to ensure smooth and concrete fulfillment of its 2020 election’s manifesto.

Briefing the reporters in Dodoma, CCM Secretary General Dr Bashiru Ali revealed that having competent Mayors and Council chairpersons is one of the strategies that will lead the battle in local government to improve quality of service rendered to the citizens.

Dr Bashiru said that CCM will firmly ensure all City Councils; Municipalities and District Councils will be headed with proficient and high integrity persons who would spearhead the battle at the expense of the CCM’s manifesto.

He said that if a local government performs well that will possibly lead to improving revenue collection and reduce them (local government) from entirely depending on the Central government for funds.

“However, capable local government leadership would be a watchdog for accountability; CCM eagerly wants to kick out business as usual syndrome and public funds’ embezzlement, corruption and negligence in our councils,” he added.

However, Dr Bashiru made a call to ward councillors-elect from the party all over the country to show up and contest for the vacancies.

“So far in some area like Mbeya (City Council) 10 candidates showed up to contest for mayor-ship of the city, the deadline will be 4th October (yesterday), but our chairman (Dr Magufuli) wisely added one more day until 5th October (today) 4pm,” he pointed out.

Elaborating, he noted that President elect Dr John Magufuli who will be sworn in today extended the deadline to ensure the democracy within the party is fully exercised, and every aspirant has the room to fill and return the forms without any inappropriateness.


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