AfricaPress-Tanzania: NYAMAGANA parliamentary candidate Mr Stanslaus Mabula (CCM) on Saturday officially launched his re-election campaigns at Buhongwa Primary School, thanking the residents for continuing trusting the government.

He said in the education sector, Nyamagana District  benefited by getting 11bn/- in free education and built more than 400 classrooms, besides more than 31,000 desks being provid

Mr Mabula said in Buhongwa Ward, for instance they had managed to build 39 classrooms in Primary Schools citing them as Islamiya, Mwananchi, Samaliwa and Buhongwa B.

However, Mr  Mabula promised to build more five secondary schools in Bulale, Lwanyima, adding their constructions would start in January, next year.

In the health sector, he promised to build six Dispensaries during the 2015 election campaign but managed five of them, citing further as Mkuyuni, Isamilo, Sawa and Lwanyima among others.

The incumbent MP stated the government had successfully expanded the operating room at Butimba District Hospital, and built the Fumagila Health Centre.

In water provision, Mr Mabula noted that the government has spent more than 115bn/- to build four water tanks in the Bugarika, Nyegezi and Lwanyima areas.

In the breathe, he promised to construct a new water source in the Butimba area that would be able to supply 40 litres of water per day, adding that on completion, water scarcity in Mwanza will be addressed to a great percentage.

Meanwhile, Ilemela parliamentary candidate Dr Angelina Mabula (CCM) has promised the people of Buswelu Ward that she would help in addressing water problem once elected.

She made the commitment while addressing voters at Buswelu Primary School grounds, adding that she was aware that water is still their major challenge, though construction of a large water tank with a capacity to carry 500,000 litres would help.

She also said the Mwanza Water and Sewerage Authority (Mwauwasa) will also build them a large water tank in the Bulola area, where residents of Buswelu will also benefit.


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