AfricaPress-Tanzania: AFTER historic victory in this year’s General Election, CCM has said that it is now organizing itself to ensure its governments both in Mainland and Zanzibar fulfill the pledges they made to the citizens and meet their expectations.

The ruling party also called for unity and cooperation among Tanzanians especially in safeguarding the country’s peace in honour of the founders of the nation the late  Julius  Nyerere and  Abeid  Aman  Karume.

That was said by CCM Secretary-General, Dr Bashiru Ally adding that the party’s victory gives them energy to work hard, safeguard the country’s peace and strengthen unity,  Union and cooperation with neighbouring countries, Africa and the world at large.

Dr Bashiru  was  speaking   during a brief function at the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission ( NEC) in Dodoma,  where  Dr John   Magufuli  was  handed over a Certificate of Election after being declared  winner of this year’s  General Election.

The president – elect Dr Magufuli garnered 84.4 per cent of all valid votes, defeating his 14 opponents who took part in the presidential race.

Dr Magufuli was followed by Chadema party of Tundu Lissu, who collected a total of 1,933,271 votes, estimated as 13 per cent of all the valid votes, ACT-Wazalendo ticket fielding former Foreign Affairs Minister Bernard Membe with 81,129 votes, approximately 0.5 per cent.

“I call upon CCM  members  to   consider  this victory as a  debt  to Tanzanians and  organize  ourselves  to ensure that  the  two governments  both in Mainland and Zanzibar  fulfill the pledges  the party  in its manifesto made to the citizens,” he said.

He added that the cooperation and unity among Tanzanians especially in upholding peace was an important pillar and weapon, thus they should not allow other people   to disrupt   them because doing so will make them fail to honour Mwalimu Nyerere and Karume.

Equally, he commended Tanzanians for having confidence in the party and making it win with a landslide victory.

In a related development, Dr  Magufuli is expected  to be sworn -in on November 5 in Dodoma’s  Jamhuri Stadium next Thursday, in a ceremony  that will be attended by among others, Vice President-elect Samia Suluhu Hassan, CCM Central Committee (CC) members, members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) and representatives of Dodoma CCM regional members.

Zanzibar president – elect Dr Hussein Mwinyi will be sworn in today to lead the isles for the next five years.

Commenting, some analysts attributed the victory of Dr Magufuli to his outstanding performance in the previous reign that also earned him public trust.


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