AfricaPress-Tanzania: ALLIANCE for Democratic Change (ADC) party yesterday officially launched its campaign for the 2020 presidential election here with a promise to tackle unemployment in the country.

ADC, one of the opposition political parties in the country, launched its campaigns at Mnazi Mmoja grounds in Zanzibar on Friday.

“Both, Union government President Dr John Magufuli and Zanzibar government President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, have failed to solve the problem of unemployment and promoting agriculture; we have workable plans for tackling the challenges,” ADC Union presidential candidate Ms Queen Cuthbert Sendiga said.

She said agriculture would be taught in higher learning institutions across the country so that graduates can engage in farming as one of the effective self-employment creation strategies.

She also said that the party manifesto focuses on healthcare services for all citizens, since it is regarded as a basic human right that must be enjoyed by all people in the country.

“Everyone, regardless of economic status, must be guaranteed health care,” she stressed.

The party’s national chairperson, Mr Hamad Rashid Mohamed, who is contesting Zanzibar’s top seat, informed the audience that he was prepared to change the lives of people for the better, if elected.

“We have strategies well stipulated in the manifesto; give us your vote on October 28 so that we can reward you with improved life, covering vital aspects like better health care, housing, and improved infrastructure.”


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