AfricaPress-Tanzania: SEVEN CCM candidates have turned up to vie for the Sumbawanga Municipal mayoral position in Rukwa Region, while three others from the same party vie for the deputy mayoral position.

The candidates vying for the mayoral position are Justine Malisawa who is seeking re-election, Mr Francis Manyika, Mr Frank Lupimo, Mr Charles Chakupewa, Mr Thomas Mnanka, Mr Gabriel Kimamala and Mr Antony Kayombo.

Those vying for the position of the deputy mayor are Ms Adolfina Kanongo, Ms Edwin Misasi and Ms Istus Kapufi.

Sumbawanga District Secretary Tabu Hussein (CCM) told the ‘africa-press’ by phone yesterday that all 10 candidates collected and filled in nomination forms and returned them on time.

“What follows is the holding of meetings at party level to recommend and nominate the candidate who will run for the mayoral position and another one for the deputy mayor, but the date and timetable for the meeting is yet to be confirmed,” she explained.

Sumbawanga Municipal Council has 19 wards of which CCM had emerged victorious in 18 wards, while Chadema won in only one ward during October 28 general election.

In the 2015 general election Chadema won in 10 wards.


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